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Do you have problems or conflicts with yourself or your partner, in your team, at work or elsewhere? We offer our counseling skills that can help resolve issues.

We work in two fields: gestalt therapy and mediation.

Gestalt therapy mostly works with personal conflicts, mediation does this between two parties.


We offer:


- Single, couple , and group therapy

- Couple and divorce mediation

- Team mediation (for companies, among others)

- Mediation in organizations

-Conflict counseling

- Coaching


We counsel in our offices or come to your offices or homes(also outside of Berlin).

Late night counseling after 20.00 clock is possible with additional charge.


Who are we?


Elise Petersen (born in Denmark in 1954) is a qualified teacher. She partly grew up in Africa, partly in Denmark .She lives in Berlin since 1984, works as a gestalt therapist in her own practice with many years of experience in family counseling and psychotherapy (HPG).


Heiko Wolf (1970), grew up in the Pfalz, studied politics, worked in development aid in South Africa, is a mediator, longtime family counselor and shareholder of a medium-sized company in Berlin. Lives with his partner and three children in Berlin.


Having met through counseling work with families the decision was made to combine our skills.



Office Kreuzberg

Office Tempelhof

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy promotes ones personal perception of physical and emotional sensations. Acknowledging these as a starting point for thoughts, attitudes and deeds to create a fulfilled life.


Gestalt therapy is based on the assumption that every person is responsible for his own life. In his body and his psyche. Each person harbors the knowledge and experience that is necessary to take responsibility for his own life.


The therapist goal is not to solve the patient's problems, but rather to assist the patient in getting in touch with his own resources and competences that he needs to solve his challenges.


Gestalt therapy encourages the individual to manage conflicts and crises. In the therapy we explore your needs and issues from stressful or stagnant life situations by capturing and expressing emotional and physical impulses, recognizing their meaning and understanding them. Through understanding personal history creative solutions can be found.

The „here and now“  is the starting point of our work.


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